2018 Class Materials

Welcome to the collected materials for our class. Please check back frequently, to be sure you have all the information you need. Links are generally to PDF files, which you can save to your own device, or print if you prefer hardcopy. If you have questions about the materials, please check with Elaine Smith.

2018 Class Schedule
Schedule for makeup classes
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General Class Information

Handouts – PDF files of presenters’ PowerPoint slides will be posted as soon as they are available – often before the class occurs. They will remain on this site until around the end of September, when we begin setting up for the 2019 class. You are welcome to save them to your own device, or print them if you prefer hardcopy.

Brown Bags – Veteran Master Gardeners provide half-hour presentations during the lunch break, filled with tips and ideas for becoming both a more well-rounded gardener for your own satisfaction, and a master gardener with resource information to share with the community. Participation in brown bag lunches is voluntary but strongly encouraged. We suggest that you plan to bring your lunch on these days, as the presentations begin at 12:20, which doesn’t leave much time to go “off campus”.

January 8      Botany – Heather Stoven. Here are Heather’s PowerPoint slides and a handout she sent. If it’s been a while since you studied botany, you may want to review the glossary from the book you’ll be using.
January 15     Photos for the directory will be taken early in the classes. Please titivate as desired and bring your best smile!
January 15     Plant Identification – Pat Breen. Dr. Breen will be illustrating his presentation using the OSU Plant Identification Database, which he developed. If you have a mobile device for internet access, please feel free to bring it.
January 15     Brown Bag – Propagation & the Art of Being Fearless – Michael Johnson & Eric Suing
January 15     Soils and amendments – Joy Jones. Here is Joy’s PPT presentation and a handout listing OSU publications related to soils and amendments. And here’s the Nutrient Deficiency handout Joy pointed out.
January 22     Tree Fruit – Jeff Choate
January 22     Brown Bag – Tools: Sharpening, Care, & Sanitizing – Carl Heinke
January 22     Native Plants and Garden Pollinators – Aaron Anderson and Gail Langellotto. Here’s Aaron’s powerpoint
January 29     Gardening and Water Quality – Jacqueline Fern. If you have a well, or know someone who does, Jacquie invites you to bring about ½ cup of well water as a sample for nitrate testing.
January 29     – Lunch with your mentors
February 5     Pesticide Safety – David Spink  Plus an exercise using labels, questions for your group, a Dipel label, plus a Fertilome label
February 5     Brown Bag – Food from a 12-Month Garden – (eating from your garden all year) – Janie Jenne
February 5     Composting – Linda Brewer
February 12   Lawns – Alex Kowaleski
February 12   Brown Bag – Demonstration Garden – Garden Committee
February 12   Berries – Bernadine Strik   Bernadine sent along several presentation PDFs, although it’s improbable she will get to them all. But you will have access to her wisdom on:  Blackberries, Blueberries, Grapes, Miscellaneous Berries, Raspberries, and Strawberries
February 26   Organic Vegetable Gardening – Weston Miller   Germination temperatures, as requested
February 26    – Lunch with your mentors
February 26   Growing from seed – Neil Bell   Plus hands-on propagating
March 5          Plant Pathology – Cindy Ocamb
March 5          Brown Bag – Beneficial Insects and Host Plants (Bugs & plants are your friends) – Carol Horning
March 5          Pruning Ornamentals – Neil Bell    Part 1 and Part 2
March 12        Entomology – Jean Natter   Plus a handout
March 12        Brown Bag – Year-Round Greenhouse (Growing vegetables all year) – Colleen Owen
March 12        Vertebrate PestsDana Sanchez   Plus Dana provided a roadmap to an adventure
March 19        Potluck Lunch – Class, Mentors, and other veteran MGs – Sign up here
March 19        Resources – Neil Bell   Here are the bookmarks we regularly use at the office, hyperlinked for convenience
March 26        Problem Diagnosis – Part 1 and Problem Diagnosis – Part 2
March 26        Brown Bag – Social Media – MG Tech Tools – Victoria Binning