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Greetings! Thank you for visiting the Marion County Master Gardener Association website. The MCMGA is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping home gardeners in Marion County learn about the science, art, and joy of gardening by providing a variety of education and outreach programs. You can find Master Gardener volunteers at the Extension Office Plant Clinic, educational workshops, local Farmers’ markets, and other Master Gardener events.

The Master Gardener Plant Clinic is open Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm and volunteers are available to answer your questions. Our office is in the Marion County Extension Office at 1320 Capitol St NE, Suite 100, Salem OR 97301. You can also email questions along with your pictures to:

 This Month’s Tips

  • The optimal time for establishing a new lawn is August through mid-September
  • Make compost out of lawn clippings and garden plants that are ready to be recycled. Don’t use clippings if the lawn has been treated with herbicide, including “weed-and-feed” products. Don’t compost diseased plants unless you are using the “hot compost” method (120 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Use mulch to protect ornamentals and garden plants from hot weather damage. If needed, provide temporary shade, especially for recent plantings
  • Prune raspberries, boysenberries and other cane-berries after harvest. Check raspberries for holes made by crown borers, near the soil line, at the base of the plant. Remove infested wood before adults emerge (approximately mid-August)
  • Monitor garden irrigation closely so crops and ornamentals don’t dry out
  • Plant winter cover crops in vacant space in the vegetable garden
  • Mid-summer planting of peas. Plant fall crops of cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli
  • For mite control on ornamentals and most vegetables, hose off foliage, spray with approved miticide if necessary

Use the following link for more August gardening tips:

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Marion County Master Gardeners™ are trained certified volunteers who promote the joy and science of home gardening in our community. We answer questions, teach workshops, provide speakers, maintain a demonstration garden, and connect home gardeners to the information they need. The Master Gardener program is sponsored by OSU Extension.