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 This Month’s Tips

1. Good time of year to plant trees, and landscape shrubs.

2. Protect new landscape plants from wind. Use stakes, guy wires and/or windbreaks as needed.

3. Yard sanitation: rake leaves, cut and remove withered stalks of perennial flowers, mulch flowerbeds, and hoe or pull winter weeds.

4. Turn the compost pile and protect from heavy rains, if necessary.

5. Monitor landscape plants for problems. Don’t treat unless a problem is identified.

6. Check for rodent damage around bases of trees and large shrubs. Remove weeds to prevent rodents from using them as hiding places. Use traps and approved baits as necessary.

7. Avoid mounding mulching materials around the bases of trees and shrubs. The mulch might provide cover for rodents.

8. Protect poinsettias from cold, place in sunlight, don’t let leaves touch cold windows; fertilize with houseplant fertilizer to maintain leaf color.

9. Read more monthly gardening tips from OSU Extension.

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Marion County Master Gardeners™ are trained certified volunteers who promote the joy and science of home gardening in our community. We answer questions, teach workshops, provide speakers, maintain a demonstration garden, and connect home gardeners to the information they need. The Master Gardener program is sponsored by OSU Extension.