2019 Class Materials

Welcome to the collected materials for our class. Please check back frequently, to be sure you have all the information you need. Links are generally to PDF files, which you can save to your own device, or print if you prefer hardcopy. If you have questions about the materials, please check with Elaine Smith.

2019 Class Schedule

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Lunchtime activities

We all share the responsibility for bringing snacks each week. Here’s your first use for SUG (above). Please sign up here.

Handouts – PDF files of presenters’ PowerPoint slides will be posted as soon as they are available – often before the class occurs. They will remain on this site until around the end of September, when we begin setting up for the 2020 class. You are welcome to save them to your own device, or print them if you prefer hardcopy.

Jan 7    Botany slides – Botany handout

Jan 14  Photo day – remember to bring your best smile!

Jan 14   Plant ID Database and Presentation.  Dr. Breen also mentioned “Trees to Know In Oregon” by Edward Jensen and “Manual of Woody Landscape Plants” by Michael Dirr

Jan 14  Soils and Fertilizers slides   The publications Joy recommended:  EC 1503 – Fertilizing; EM 8677 – Laboratories; EC 628 – Collecting Soil Samples

Jan 21  Tree Fruits

Jan 21   Permaculture  Resources Michelle mentioned: Sheet Mulch – Lasagna Composting, The Oregon Rain Garden GuideExtension Search

Jan 28   Gardening and Water Quality  If you have a well, remember that you can bring about 1/2 cup of water for nitrate testing, if you wish.

Jan 28   Pruning Ornamentals Part 1 and Part 2 

Feb 4   Pesticide Safety

Feb 4   Composting

Feb 11  Lawns

Feb 11  Organic Vegetable Gardening  This is from 2018, but Neil said it’s the same.

Feb 18  Teaching Tips

Feb 18  VRS and garden labs

Feb 25  Weeds   Rescheduled to April 1, morning

Feb 25  Plant propagation   Rescheduled to April 8, afternoon

Mar 4    Plant pathology – Disease diagnosis & Control; Pathogens common to many plants; Non-pathogenic phenomena

Mar 4    Berries and Grapes – Bernadine’s PDFsBlueberries; Raspberries; Strawberries; Grapes

Mar 11  Insects –  Slides; Activity 1; Activity 2

Mar 11  Vertebrate pests

Mar 18  Resources   Neil will be discussing many of these sources, which are the standard bookmarks used at the Office Plant Clinic. You may want to look them over in advance. You can also save the list to your own device for easy reference. And here is Neil’s handout to challenge your resourcefulness.

Mar 18   (Lunchtime) Internet tips: Resources and Website capture

Mar 18  IPM

Mar 25  Problem diagnosis 1 slides and Handout

Mar 25  Problem diagnosis 2

Schedule changes:

Apr 1    Weeds

Apr 1    Garden Orientation – at the Marion Garden

Apr 8    Exam Review

Apr 8    Propagation – Growing from seed – Hands-on demonstrations