2020 Class Materials

Welcome to the collected materials for our class. Please check back frequently, to be sure you have all the information you need. Links are generally to PDF files, which you can save to your own device, or print if you prefer hardcopy. If you have questions about the materials, please check with Elaine Smith.

2020 Class Schedule – Updated 12-27

Class General Information

Class Make-up Schedule for all counties

Class Make-up Locations

Trainee Signup for Snacks

Lunchtime activities – Revised

VRS Categories – Apply to both trainees and certified MGs

Continuing Education Information Sheet  –  Primarily for certified MGs

2020 Revised Trainee hours

Timeline of suggested trainee activities

MCMGA Resources – For both trainees and certified MGs – Revised version

Jan 6         Orientation

                  Botany PPT  –  Botany Handout  Text in the lower left quadrant of PPT, pg 4 (Plant Identification) is blurred in the PPT PDF file. I’ve asked that Heather send me a clear PDF of that section so that I can post it as an addendum. Thanks for your patience.

Jan 13       Composting PPT  –  Recommended Readings                 

Soils and Fertilizers PPTActivity handout – You will get a hardcopy of this handout at class

Jan 20       Plant ID – Will be provided in hardcopy for class   One URL will take you to both the broadleaf and conifer databases (under the heading Woody Plant Search) and this morning’s informational material (bottom entry under Additional Information)

                  Sustainable Landscape Design – PPT Pt 1, PPT Pt 2, Resource list, Gardening flyer  –  Handouts will be provided in hardcopy, but are also posted here for your convenience:  Design Activity, Base Map, Plant Palette

We are experiencing some problems with our file compression software. I’m in contact with the source, but until they can get it resolved, thanks for your patience! We’re aware that the quality of some PDFs is sub-standard.

Jan 27       Gardening and Water Quality   – And more from Jacquie:  Water Resources; Drinking Water Sampling; Water Testing Labs

                  Pruning Ornamentals – Part 1 and Part 2

Feb 3         Tree Fruits

                  Pesticide Safety – Least Toxic & Organic Pesticides; Pesticide Label Reading Activity

                 National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC)

                 PNW Handbooks

Feb 10       Lawns

                  Organic Vegetable Gardening

Feb 17       Plant Pathology

                  Volunteer opportunities

                  Plant Propagation – Growing from Seed

Feb 24      Berries and Grapes

                  Insects – Handout for in-class use

Mar 2        Weeds

                  Vertebrate Pests

Mar 9        Resources worksheet – NeilOffice Plant Clinic Bookmarks

                 Noon – Internet tips                   


2020 MG Bookmarks Menu

Mar 16     Per Neil’s March 11 email, arrangements are being made for Problem Diagnosis  1 & 2 classes to be presented online. Final exams will be emailed and exam review will be rescheduled. If you have any questions, please contact Neil, neil.bell@oregonstate.edu.