There was a recent Facebook post about three children in Bend who mistook “Death Camas” for wild onions, harvested some and asked their parents if they could eat them. Parents said yes. All three children ended up in hospital. And I’ve seen two pet incidents in the last ten days, in one of which the pet died. From licking lily pollen off its fur.

No one wants to see things like this happen, so it’s important for us all to have resources at hand, to help identify toxic plants. Here are two to help out. I think sometimes we’re more aware and careful about chemicals than plants. But our kids and pets are curious and prone to explore with their mouths. It’s up to us to be prepared and help them stay safe.

Oregon Poison Control CenterThis page includes lists of toxic and VERY toxic plants. If you’re not certain, snap a photo with your phone and then call Poison Control.  1-800-222-1222  If you KNOW the plant is toxic, call anyway, so you get correct information about what to do next.

ASPCA Toxic PlantsList can be sorted for dogs, cats or horses. ASPCA Poison Control  1-888-426-4435