If you’re looking for a seriously great resource, try OSU’s PNW Pest Management Handbooks, all at a single bookmark. They’re great for our NW plant diseases, insect pests, and weeds. The first two have color photos that are incredibly helpful. (We keep hoping Weeds will burst out with illustrations in the next couple of editions.) They address life cycles – because when to act has such an impact on outcome – monitoring, and controls, both cultural and chemical. And they clearly differentiate between the chemical controls available to us home gardeners and those which require a commercial applicator’s license.

Now, these aren’t like a hardcopy book – no table of contents or index. Instead, they’re searchable on virtually any word in the book. Since this is a different way of getting information, the PNW folks have provided a tutorial on getting the most out of the publications.

And of course, since these are online resources, you can take them to the garden on your friendly device, which makes it easy to compare the photos with your garden problems.

Do give them a look. They’re a wonderful resource – and the online version is FREE. Hard to beat either the expertise or the price.