as we have been, what’s happening with Master Gardener training for 2021 – Here’s the answer.

It’s going to be a very different year, just like 2020, Well, hopefully not quite like 2020, but certainly not what we’re all accustomed to. And even with all the changes, present and future, we’re still here to help with your gardening questions. We’re also happy to answer your non-gardening question about what we’re doing this year.

While we can’t offer you a pill bottle to bring in that insect specimen, or tuck that odd-looking blossom under the microscope, we can do a lot with good clear photos. Put your phone to good use, then drop an email to Think of it as our digital help desk. We still have all of our online resources, as well as access to all of our regular OSU resources.

BTW, if you’re taking plant photos, we usually need to see 1) front and back of damaged leaf; 2) clear picture of leaves attached to stem (important for identification); 3) ambience. Step back a bit and show the plant’s surroundings – sun/shade, slope, nearby plants.  And for those insects you’d like to have ID’d…. photo cooperation may be hard to acquire. But a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol will usually do the trick. It’s particularly helpful if we can clearly see the antennae, as well as a straight-on view of both top and bottom. These will help us help you. And you get to practice your photography skills! Thanks!